Porto’s Webhelp Portugal Office: a new paradigm in the Contact Center world !

At Porto’s Webhelp office, employees feel right at home. They are met by a family tight unit and state of the art infrastructures. Setting themselves apart from the contact center norm.


The office is set up in an old factory building turned modern open space, where people finds enough room to develop their work without distractions but also fun areas to relax, with video consoles, games and flat screen TVs, where they gain inspiration to solve their daily challenges.


With a multiple language team, where the French speakers take dominance, accounting for more than 85% of all employees.


Webhelp at Porto has clients ranging from the Telco, Logistics and Consumer Goods’ sectors, so advisors find themselves helping customers with their technical difficulties, as well as their purchases, and ensuring they keep coming back to buy more and that they have a pleasant time while doing so.


But more than just connecting with them over the phone, once again, Webhelp breaks the contact center mold by updating its approach and taking in all the most trending customer experience channels, whether it be social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), via e-mail or chat. So, with this modernized 360º strategy, whichever form the client chooses to contact the brand, most likely he/she will find a Webhelper.


If this sounds nothing short of your dream job, then Porto is looking for you.

How to apply ?

All you have to do is create your profile in theMember's area of this website and our recruiters will contact you to help find the best job opportunity in the right sector for you. And even better, this process can take just up to 48h to happen !





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