90% of our management staff is promoted in house. This shows our ability to reveal each team’s best talents.

Today's Manager is yesterday’s Advisor
Why not you ?

  • Success stories

    They have all started as a Customer Advisor !

    Starting to work at Webhelp was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The company was recommended to me by a friend and it all happened quite fast. I started as a supervisor and in one year I became a leader of a new project. I grew both professionally and personally, pushing myself every day to be better and more efficient. I feel like I’m at the beginning of a great project in Portugal which on itself is challenging, exciting and rewarding.

    Rita Corga

  • Success stories

    They have all started as a Customer Advisor !

    I’ve discovered Webhelp in July 2016 and found out, really quickly, the amazing company this is, by all the career progression opportunities available. I was able to take advantage of those benefits and in six months I have evolved from customer advisor to team leader. Thank you Webhelp.

    João Ribeiro

  • Success stories

    They have all started as a Customer Advisor !

    I started my career at Webhelp Portugal in 2016 as a Customer Advisor, which brings me a lot of beautiful memories. I learned a lot from developing my communication skills, stress management and results orientation. A few months later, a new adventure awaited me, I was invited to join the HR Team! It was with great pleasure that I accepted the challenge, contributing daily to the growth of our Webhelp family.

    Sandra Lopo

  • Success stories

    They have all started as a Customer Advisor !

    I arrived to Webhelp Portugal in 2016, in the very first months of the project. I came to Portugal to start a new working experience abroad as a customer advisor and I enjoyed the country and the company very much. Thanks to Webhelp development program, I already evolved from customer advisor to quality analyst and later to quality training manager. Now I am leading a team of quality analysts, who work everyday on improving the quality of the services provided by our agents.

    Jean-Baptiste Feneon

  • Success stories

    They have all started as a Customer Advisor !

    I have been working for Webhelp since August 2016. I started as a customer advisor and soon after I had the opportunity to apply to a new position. I participated in the assessment center for a supervisor position and on the 1st of January I started a new adventure. Now I am leading a team of 18 people and it has been a very rewarding and motivating experience. "

    Amandine Sousa

  • Success stories

    They have all started as a Customer Advisor !

    My story at Webhelp cannot be told, it has to be experienced. I started without any experience in september 2016, as a customer advisor. A month later I was named Employee of the month, which came along with the opportunity to work as a Trainer, which I accepted with great pleasure. Webhelp opens you the doors to a stable and last-longing career, which makes me give my best everyday.

    Nicolas Leprévost

Webhelp's Benefits

HIGH-POTENTIAL: We recognize the talented

Our Talent Management System has been set up to detect people of high-potential. These people are coached to become the "STARS" of tomorrow. As a high flyer in our business, you’ll be mentored to become a master of communication. This will happen through a series of personalized support tools and development opportunities.

The Assessment Center: You count on your
involvement and results to evolve?
We Do as Well

To ensure we have a reliable and trustworthy process of evolution, we have implemented a transparent system with multiple assessors: this avoids any kind of casting errors/mistakes and makes sure we select the right collaborators, those who really deserve the promotions.


The assessment is based on scenarios that allow the assessor to observe the real potential of the candidate, contrary to what he can see in a simple interview.


It is carried out by several evaluators, from different backgrounds: management committee, HR, manager or site manager, production, etc., in order to give a cross-look on the promotion process.


It is a multi-evaluation system: candidates are evaluated in many exercises, using a variety of assessment tools.


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