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Our Sectors

Travel and Tourism

In this sector you can be designing travel routes with customers, or giving them advice on booking flights/accommodation. You may also be in charge of someone’s dream vacations or making sure they arrive safely at their destinations. All of this by working with some of the most well-known companies in the business. With a wide range of communication channels and different areas of work, the tourism and travel sector will provide you with a lot of opportunities to grow. Constantly developing projects with different people and cultures, it will not only give you great knowledge of specific tools and programs, but will also allow you to learn about new places and for sure give you lots of ideas about your next travel destination.

Telco and Logistics

Just think of some of the biggest brands in these industries and you’ll realize that this is a sector that is in constant evolution so, sometimes, customers can’t keep up with so much innovation. That’s where you come in. Providing customers with anything from technical support, to solving challenges, to helping them navigate through websites and tools, or even sharing knowledge about the products and services… The work in this area means not only that you will be a hero that solves problems but that you will also be constantly challenged to keep up with new technologies, learn and adapt to new tools and programs so that you can provide the best support to customers.

Consumer Goods

As a brand representative for the Consumer Goods sector companies you can be supporting customers buying products online or increasing the brand awareness after a purchase in store that will make them return for more. It’s part of your job to transform the feel of shopping into retail therapy – effortless, relaxing and ultimately enjoyable. It will be a challenge that will help you perfect your communication skills, become a brand ambassador and put a smile in every customer’s face. Working in this sector will always keep you ahead of everyone else because you will know first about the latest trends and newer products coming to the market.