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​Webhelp Portugal launches new recruitment website to attract more talent !

Webhelp Portugal is launching a new recruitment website to help position the company as one of the major employers in the country this year – having close to 1000 open positions estimated for 2017.


This new website offers a better candidate experience. The company believes that it will increase the talent pool for many positions available for recruitment, at the moment and in the future.


Through this new website, candidates will be able to create a profile to keep track of any positions that might fit them in the future but will also be able to send an instant application for any opening that feel they’re fit for.

Hopefuls will also understand a bit more about the company, the various positions and the different sectors existing at Webhelp Portugal, with the aid of testimonial videos and detailed information about each subject.


The platform is also directly connected with other recruitment tools already in place, making the process easier and faster for the HR team, which will be able to decrease the waiting period between an application, the 1st contact and a decision.





With this new website, Webhelp Portugal aims to step up its recruitment game to the next level, more in tune with company’s present needs as well as its different targets and segments.


Currently accounting for more than 1000 employees, in Lisbon and Porto, the company is looking to more than double this number by the end of 2017 and sees this website as a major step in accomplishing this ambitious goal. 





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